We can help you with optimizing the structure for the construction phase. If in the structural design the optimization is focused on savings on the structural elements, we go further by considering the costs of the temporary/construction phase in the equation.

i.e. Optimized isolated foundations results in a lot of different foundation types. This may save a few dollars for the structure itself, but will add a lot more in the construction phase. This decision made in the design phase will actually require either an extra set of formwork on site, or to dismantle and reassemble the same set several times, depending on the scale of the project, resulting, in the end, in a higher cost.

Leave outs in the concrete slabs for the tower cranes, mobile cranes, hoists and their dismantling.

Considering the correct leave-outs in the structure can save a lot of headache in the construction phase by avoiding clashes, choosing the correct location having the smallest impact on the structure, etc – photo with rebar going out)

Optimizing / enhancing the structure to serve also the construction phase

i.e. some minor extra reinforcement in the slab could permit the access with a truck at ground floor level and thus minimizing crane hook time.

Defining the construction phases and the rotation of materials based on the project planning

The project is analyzed and, in correlation with the planning a realistic phasing will be developed in detail.

Defining the construction joints for the walls (horizontal and vertical), SOGs and suspended slabs.

Following the phasing of the project, the construction joins will be defined with respect to the planning.

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