Our company provides temporary works design, with a focus on scaffolding and formwork, supporting construction companies throughout the entire project, from the tendering stage up to site completion.

We acknowledge the importance of continuous, transparent communication between all parties involved, with an utmost attention to safety at all levels.

We understand the interconnection between the different trades in a complex project and we strive to involve all persons in charge in the process.

Our values

Our team believes in a hands-on approach, where all stakeholders are actively involved and work side by side towards a common goal.

We believe safety is at the core of the construction industry and thus we involve HSE department on site in a large range of documents, especially method statements, risk assessments, lifting plans and TCs dismantling.

We coordinate with all trades and persons involved at the earliest possible stage and constantly give and ask for feedback, ensuring a continuous and transparent communication.

Our services


In the construction industry, the tendering process is both time-consuming and fast paced.
Nevertheless, little information is available at this stage and the expectations are always high.


We can help you optimize the structure in this stage to suit the methodologies that will be adopted by the main contractor and thus improving the progress of the works.
Minor modifications in design can have a large impact on site.


The start of the construction phase involves a lot of effort from all parties.
This stage can be hectic and therefore correct planning and management is crucial for the project’s successful turnout. This is where we can help you.

Project timeline


Quantities take off2D and 3D presentationsSystems
Materials requirements
Planning and sequencingFinancial reviewStructure study


Structure optimizationConstruction phase definition
Cranes & hoistsConstruction joints definition


Systems & solutions comparisonsMaterial planningSite managementShop drawings & calculations
State of materialsOn-site support for materials returnInspection and joint inspection